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12 Things That You Can Relate If You Are Living with Roommates

23 Jul , 2015  

At one point of time, either in the college or while doing the job at other cities .we might have lived with roommates. It is not that easy to find like minded roommates, so at beginning we may try to adjust with each other and finally become friends . Sharing the food, Room Maintaining, cooking shifts,cleaning duties what not ! everything is part of the course.

So here is southentic teams take on roommates.


  1. That Moment, when you try to eat food which you have brought from your hometown and suddenly your roommates appears

Venna kishore 1

2.That feeling, when you try to eat food that has been prepared by your roommates!


(Aaahh…Em kaaram ra idi..vandatam kuda rada goddu naayala)

3.When you want to use the bathroom and your roommate is already In there .

pilla jamindar

(Boy !! mini earthquake moment for everyone)

4.Those Sundays when you play videogames with your roommates !

vennala kishore 2

(chaal theeyibey.. thondi aadakura thondi naayala)

5.Planning for pakkinti paarijathams

Mahesh babu

(roommate 1 :Rey  rey..rey.. mana pakkintilo ammaiyi undi ra..

Roommate 2: hmm.. ee roju numchi idi mee andariki chelli ra..)

That round up moment ,when they came to know that you trapped pakkinti paarijatham.



7.Those bike rides, When your roommate  is driving your bike


(Areeyy mellaga poniyara ayya..  Speed breaker ra…brake eyira raaa.. ayyayababboiii)

8.That sadistic behaviour of your roommates, padukundam anna padukonivaruu  pshyco gaaluu


(oom kreem…bhoom swaahhaa)

9.That battalu dongalu, who steal your dress for their special meetings


(orey ah drawer naadi ra..neeku saripodu)

10.Those Early Morning Darshans of your roommates Face


(Thu thu daridruda… nee mokam chudalisiochindi..em avudo emo ee roju)

11.That situation, When your turn to clean the utensils and floor


(intlo okkasari kuda kadigi undam..)

12.Those baathakaanis with your roommates while sitting out


(mama enduko ikkada noppiga undi.. Anduke ra cigarettes ekkuva ttagodu anedi..naaku ivu nenu kaalustha)

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