17 Life Changing Dialogues from Auto Nagar Surya

4 Jul , 2015  

Deva Katta, Who is well known for his films like ‘Vennala’,’Prasthanam’ has to wait up to 2 years to get this film on Sets with right cast and crew and unfortunately, Auto Nagar Surya has so many delays while shooting due to financial issues and also released almost an year after the post production. Again, due to some reason. Nevertheless the delay , Movie has Normal plot which is very common in Telugu film industry where Villain kills hero father and Hero takes revenge. (able to recollect ??? yeah this is the story!!). Deva Katta who is a writer himself had taken screenplay in to an interesting plot by presenting how a weak Surya took over the strength and power from Mayor However , due to some glitches in the second half .Movie didn’t do well at the boxoffice.But, Nagachaitanya got all the applauses from the audience for pulling out such a mature character at an ease. Dialogues took the movie to the next level.


Do you know ? The initial Teaser of the movie is just a audio Teaser where Devakatta taunts “Chudu Babai” dailogue.  and do you know why he took so much utmost care while writing dialogues and making it so mean ? here is the reason  “A 26 year old IT employee was migrating from Chennai to Calcutta along with his wife, 18-month-old baby and some extra luggage. In Orissa around midnight, a couple of drunk railway police boarded the compartment. They asked him whether he paid for all of the extra luggage. They demanded him to pay for the extra luggage and threatened to throw the luggage out of train if not paid. The IT employee refused to pay as he already bribed a ticket collector in Chennai. When they asked him to show the receipt, he questioned them “since when they have been issuing receipts for bribes?” and asked if they are going to issue one if he pays now. A quarrel took place which ended with the Railway police throwing the IT employee’s wife and the 18-month-old baby out of the running train, both died on spot”. This disturbed him very much, which he told in an interview later is the root cause of Auto Nagar Surya

Movie has recently completed one year !!

Here are the 17 Life changing dialogues from Auto Nagar surya


1. Life is a jungle, you can get obstacles on all the way and only one thing that keeps you motivated is nothing but Self Respect and self-belief.Never judge your self a weak




2. That Dialogue which made it reveled about the film Story  !! Yes, movie is all about how surya won against Mayor 





3.One should Believe in himself to Succeed in life rather than believing in god.Its you who should struggle in the life for the things that need to get work out.  Blame or Credits its belongs to you




4.Vijayawada once used to be a Bezawada a Trader capital for UnitedAndhraPradesh around 1970.Which is also known for the Caste likeness and politics




5. Society is so Evil that it prejudice the capability of ones individual. But its up to the one how to take. You need to break some eggs if you need to make an omlet (yeah !!)



6. World is not full of sunshine and roses. its full of Thrones !! 





7. Are we so blind ?? That we cannot even notice whats happening in the society  ? The below dialogue is a straight to the passengers who are there in the Train where IT employee wife and children thrown out of a running Train





8. yes , They mock you when you seems to be an Odd guy in the entire group. (Ganjayi vanam lo tulasi mokka )





9. Some times you cannot inject your feelings to other. What might be a wrong to you might be a right for some one else. 






10. No matter how much you earn it would have always started with 1. So one should neglect and take things at the last tide. Below point is very much indeed idolized in corporate world. No Rebels allowed !!





11. ours is a democratic country , but when we do elect leaders we should elect the rights. because “Law and order ” will be with those leaders who rule us. if he is sober  , we will be robbed.





12. Puttina prathivaadiki oka lakshyam undali.. ani businessman lo purijaganath kastha gaatuga cheppadu. Here Devakatta has a sensible of explaining the things





13. We rush !! yes we are .. Facebook lo postlu chudagane.. ekkuva likes unte like kottadam. Ekkuva comments unte comment cheyadam .youtube lo thumbnails chusi shortfilms chudatam..Mundu venaka chuskokunda anni chesesatham ee social media lokamlo aalanti vaala kosame brahmi ee Dialogue





14. Words are mightier than swords ane proveb undi telusu kada? Pedhavaalu edi cheppina uurike chepparu daaniko ardam untadi. These below dialogue is so crucial in the movie that will change the character of Jayaprakash narayan and make him monster and took on the killing spree at weak.  Idhe maata power manchiki vaadochu cheduki vaadochu.. antala prabhavitam avutam 






15. Its not about the luck ! its your hardwork that matters !! No pain no Gain






16.Very true.. When someone try to grab your rights and taking away your food .you should revolt. History itself has a numerous examples on it



17. Last but not the Least !!  You cannot live in a society who doubt about your capabilities





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