7 Reasons why Vijay is the king of kollywood

12 Jul , 2015  

Vijay is a very popular actor in the southern states who is doing films in Tamil langauge. There is a debate still going among kollywood fans  to find out who is the true successor of Rajnikanth Superstar title.  Rajinikanth status is not built in a single day.His mass following is unmatchable . When time comes to decide who could be the next Super star of Kollywood then certainly Vijay has a major chances than rest. His Script selection of movies like Thuppaki, Katthi which are boxoffice hits and highest grossers in his career defines his judgements .

Also, he has charm, outspoken nature and willingness to help those in need have contributed to his stature and making him the favorites to the crowd.

Here are the 7 Reasons why we feel Vijay is a King of Kollywood


1. Clean Off Screen Image

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To become a Superstar, a clean off-screen image is of vital importance. Vijay is one such hero who often distance himself from unwanted controversies. But at the same time, he also makes sure to voice out his opinion if and when required, showcasing the skills of a good leader

2.Massive Fan  Following



This is one of the main reasons if not the reason why Vijay could go on to become the next Superstar. After Rajinikanth, it is arguably Vijay who has the highest number of fans in South India. The number of followers he has in states like Kerala apart from Tamil Nadu is unparalleled

3.Social Welfare Organisation



There are many social welfare organizations set up in the name of Vijay across Tamil Nadu. The most prominent of them all is ‘Vijay Makkal Iyakkam’ which was launched by the actor himself in 2009. He also extends his support for those in need as mentioned earlier.

4.High Percentage of Hit Rate



There is a reason why Rajinikanth went on to become a Superstar surpassing Kamal Haasan and it is the high percentage of hit rate the actor boasts of. Likewise, Vijay has a phenomenal success rate right throughout his career

5.Multi Talented personality


Vijay is loved by many largely because he is a multi talented personality. Apart from scoring vital points with his acting skills, he can create a huge impact with his singing abilities. But his main weapon is his dance moves. Vijay has been and still is one of the most impressive dancers Kollywood has ever produced

6.Good Screen presence


There is a reason why Vijay is called a ‘mass hero’. The moment he appears on screen, he demands a huge applause from his fans and movie lovers alike. His screen presence is definitely larger than life, an important attribute indeed to become a Superstar.

7.Frequent interaction with Fans



Vijay is one actor who often uses social media platforms such as Twitter to stay connected with his fans. His efforts to understand his fans better is praiseworthy, for at the end of the day, all celebrities put in so much of efforts to make their fans and audience happy


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