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9 Expression by brammi on Baahubali movie

1 Jul , 2015  

1. That Reaction When First look of Baahubali is Released


            (Abbababbahhh.. chithakottesadu )

   2. That Warning , if any one critized SS rajamouli’s eccentric work or commented about Prabhas in an vague manner


(reyyyyyy… inko mata matladav ante Tataatestaaa !! )
3.That Auscultation Expression , when Tamanna first look is released .

brahmi aaha oho

(Em undi ra ayyya.. aaha oohooo )

4.That Disappointed look , When Seeing the Anushka’s first look


(Edi enti.. Rajamouli Anushka ani cheppi aunty ni pettadu !?)

5. After Watching Baahubali Trailer


(Eyyyyy.. Tepara meesa.. kottara thoda… Idi maa Telugu cinema)

6.That Dailogue , When some other language audience try to judge about the movie result in a negative way and comparing the hype to I and RA-One movies


(Orey Nasty, Nella ticket fellows)

7. That Reaction while watching Baahubali Audio Live

manchu bemmi

(aahaan.. chustunav ra .. Tamannani kaadu function ki ochinalani chuduu)

8. After listening to the Audio songs of the Baahubali

(Ahhaa.. Em unnai raja songs..vinnekoddi vinalanipistondi)

9.That Feeling , when some north indian guys asks you about baahubali movie and praising the Tollywood Films





The above article is not intended to hurt anyone . The expressed opinions are about normal cinegoers . Please share it if you like it.



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