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9 Things About you that explains you are being true to yourself

21 May , 2015  

1. You Exactly Know what you want in your life


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2.Failure means a lesson to you . chasing after your dream with fearlessness is your motto


3.You Live for the moment. Not that you don’t have a far ambition , but you always cherish the current minute

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4. You think big and act big ,because you want to be a game changer rather than a game player


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5. When you know you have done mistakes , you don’t shy away from admitting the same


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6 . What ever the situation is you dont hesitate to speak up your mind. If you dont like ..ITS A NO even to your boss


7. Some times you turn to your child mode to get away from this monster adults. yes its not weak for not able to control you temptation.

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8 .You mind what other people think about you. You stand up for the things that you love to do


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9. Finally, You do the required hard work to achieve your goals. Yes, Nothing is easy in life but not hard if you practice hard !!




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