Colors swati Fired on a fan

22 Jun , 2015  



Swathi Reddy was so popular with the telly show ‘Colors’ that till date people recognise her by the show by adding the tag to her name and addressing her ‘Colors Swathi’. But can she remain the 16-year old bubbly Colors Swathi forever? Growing up with age both because of maturity in thoughts and looks wise is inevitable.

That’s what Swathi had to say when a thoughtless fan on Instagram commented on her pic which she posted on her wall. When he called her ‘aunty’, Swathi gave it back to him in such a way that, frightened he deleted his comment and even his account.

Swathi’s tit for tat reply shows how the cute actress matured with age and took the ‘aunty’ comment in positive way giving all respect to ‘aunties’. She opines aunty isn’t a bad word and observes that she can’t be 16-year old Colors Swathi forever. She feels proud to be an aunty if that means growing up and hopes she is one among the superwomen. That’s called maturity in real sense indeed!

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