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Kaabil movie review || Hrithik Roshan || Yami

26 Jan , 2017  

:Kaabil :
Cast : Hrithik Roshan, Yami goutham ,Ronit Roy, Rohit Roy
Crew :Sanjay Gupta, Rakesh Roshan ,Rajesh Roshan,Salim-sulaiman

Hrithik much awaited film Kaabil has hit theatres yesterday all over the world,Including the Telugu and Tamil dubbing versions. Film has already has created an enough buzz and post launch of Trailer ,Exceptations have been risen high .So, let us dig in to the movie Review
These are the days , Where Film editors are been so busy and Keep more efforts on How to make the trailer look good (hence the bussiness and hype would increase further) than the entire film. Unlike other movies, Kaabil delivers what it promised in Trailer, A visually imparied couple who fell in Love with each other while in their First date which is arranged by there well wisher. This Film has everything in it .Starting from the Romance to Action

:First Half :
Movie begin with the introduction of Lead Actor Hrithik(Rohan) , A visually impaired men who live alone in his own small world. Eventually end up meeting YamiGautam (Supriya) for Date which is arranged by a Well Wisher . Intiatilly Supriya wasn’t sure about it , but the way Rohan has projected himself, seems supriya thinks he is the one who she is looking for Confident and Caring and Protective Both have been decided to take things slowly and see if it can work and Pretty much First half deals with it.
Perfomance of Both yami gautham and Hrithik roshan are Just Awesome. They have been so good at their work. Chemistry, it automatically works well when you have the right combination in place which is evident in the song “mon Amour” ..mention to not,who would not like hrithik moves… 😉 and yami gautham sizzling steps..
Later both decides to take things forward and end up marrying each other. Since, Roshan is an intelligent and multitalented guy, he has continued to work as dubbing artist for the cartoon shows in hindi. where as Supriya remains to be a HouseWife. Everything seems good in there life ..But wait..,Is there any movie which has this quick happy ending ? no..So as quite common in every other movie, this movie too had a Bad guys, who enters in to these happy couple life
A very bad moment which would disturb the happy couples life miserably and later events which lead to so saddening scenes and Ultimately leads to Surpiya’s Death.

: Second Half:

  • Rohan who would find out the reason for Supriya Death would seek help from police officer and finds out that Police can’t do anything as political influence has involved in it.
  • Rohan then decides to take things in his hands.BackGround Music have played a vital role in second half, The Revenge drama .
  • Rohan who has certain limitations as a person, but still has confidence to avenge the enemies and fulfill his wife last wish ,
  • Second half is so nail baiting as it deals how a visually impaired men would take an mighty political influenced persons, He used his intelligence than his muscle power.
  • Last 60 mins of the movie are soul and dealt perfectly . Finally Rohan would avenge the enemies .

What is more interesting is that the entire Movie is shot in just 77 days .Every minute detail in the movie is taken care very well. No Heavy sets nor any Foreign location schedules .Each and every frame we see in the first half has something to do in the second half .Kaabil is a perfect comeback movie of Hrithik after the disastrous mohenjo ..What is more fascinating about Hrithik is despite of the results he always choose the script which are unique to him, and which are not done by him earlier . Wish hrithik would come with more movies like this. Entire Crew has done there job perfectly well.
Result: Meets Expectations

A perfect movie to watch with the family. Dont miss it

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