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6 Mar , 2016  

                             Telugu Audience has always applauded for the novelty in TFI. They have proven this point, Now and Then.  Undoubtedly “Kshanam” is one  of the best film in recent time that was made in Telugu PVP banner has making their mark in Tollywood. Tagged to be a thriller genre, Kshanam also deals with Human emotions pretty well. It will give you  a special experience of watching a movie.A Suspense tale, which would only unfold at the climax with lots of twists which no one would have anticipated (yeah exceptional for the special creatures :P) 

                                                             First Half

                                                                       The movie trailer has given the glimpse of  what the Story is all about and the very first scene of this movie exactly deals with the same point, Heroine being hit by goons and abducting her daughter Riya in a car. By this scene, Director has created the impact in the audience that they gonna see how this suspense gets unfold in the coming up the scenes which have eventually increased the curiosity in the audience

                                             The first half of the movie is pretty much to the introduction of the story and characters who are involved in this thriller and how the hero and heroine are get connected to each other. Director has used parallel narrative screenplay at best to portray the present  and past  days of the lead roles without breaking down the tempo of the movie. Also, it deals with the investigation of the case and put the audience in the dilemma to decide who is the real  culprit. Director has clearly taken up the necessary measurement to utilize every important character in the first half (No Special characters in the Second Half)  and  he himself has acted as an “Sethsaab” .

           Intermission (Twist in the Tale)

  Telugu movie directors will always make sure that Intermission has something special which would engage the audience to sense that second half would be much better than the first half and, unfortunately, most movies would fail to reach with audience expectations in this criteria.Kshanam is exceptional in this case

          Second Half

       With an unexpected twist in the Intermission, the story picks up it graph and moves very fast in the second half. Unlike in first half where everyone including the hero would be in a dilemma about the existence of Riya.The second half deals with more of the mental state of the lead role how he find the clue and chases down the plot. While doing the same, Hero finds out the real side of the each character in the movie in a different way.By then he comes to know who the real and who is the fake one

The screenplay is racier and some of the best performance have been put up by the cast, which has added as an advantage to the movie Audience would also see Number of twists in the second half. Nearer the climax, the more the twists are. In Climax, An unexpected twist which makes it more thrilling and yeah the human emotions part is well balanced

There were no songs are any unwanted comedy in this movie.Not even a single scene will make you feel bored.


 Kshanam has a weird mix of actors who has broken their stereotyped roles that they have portrayed  earlier.Every actor has shown their worth and potential at their best. Perhaps everyone seems to be waiting for their “Okka Chance” moment from very long time and then when the opportunity comes up they have proven their worth .It has very limited cast, Story revolves around 5-6 characters throughout the movie

                                                                                                            Adivi _Sesh

                                                                                           Adivi Sesh 

                             The man with a multi-talented skills, Actor /Director/Writer and producer what not! .Adivi sesh is in the industry from a long time and has been waiting to prove his metal.Kshanam seems to be a perfect fit for him both as an actor and Writer showcases his true potential. Adivi sesh is a perfect fit for the role and he has given his best to justify as Rishi. Especially the climax talk about his worth. Adivi sesh has been involved in almost all the scenes in this movie.


                                                                                      Adah Sharma

Adah Sharma, The 1920 girl who has been giving “Heart Attack” to the Telugu audience lately, has been coming up with a great performance.She has done her job at best in Kshanam, She has given an opportunity to portrait as a Daughter,Mother,Housewife,Lover and she had done these roles at ease. Played a key role in the movie as Swetha


                                                                                                                           Vennela Kishore

The Kaaka of Tollywood, Vennela Kishore has done something different from his normal roles  and played very important and crucial Role in the movie.Would not like to spoil the Thrill here.But Kaaka rocked in his role as Babu Khan

Satyam Rajesh

                                                                                                                          Satyam Rajesh

   Few days back Sumanth has mentioned Satyam Rajesh should be named as “Kshanam Rajesh” and it is ver much true. Seems Like “Kshanam”Rajesh Decided to start his Second innings, Unlike his previous roles where he used to be a side kick comedian in the movie. He has been seen as a sincere police officer as Ravi chowdary


                                                                                                                               Anasuya Bharadwaj

One of the best things in this movie is Anasuya, she has impressed everyone with her performance. Seems, she has been waiting for this chance very much. She has done her role very well. Not to brag much, She would be nominated for a couple of Awards ceremony for this year for sure. Don’t be surprised if she wins them all

         CREW :

As Kshanam has a weird mix of actors. It has very novice team in terms of the technical crew as well.

                                                                                          RaviKanth Perupu

As a debutant, it would be always difficult to bring the best from the each actor. Whereas in this case, Ravikanth is blessed to have such a team who have given their best for his vision, Apart from Direction he has also contributed in Screenplay and Editing for this film which is also top-notch.He seems to be very prepared for this movie. Dealing such a thriller subject is not an easy task. Take a bow master

                                                                                     Sricharan Pakala

Music Director Sricharan Pakala, Has a tuff job to do in this film. As every thriller, Kshanam also has very good RR and BGM throughout the movie which carried the momentum for the film.Definitely this guy would rule the coming days in TFI

                                                                                                     Shaneil Deo

Being a cinematographer , Shaneil has done his best to capture the emotions of the artist. He has earlier worked with Adivi sesh for his film “Kiss”.He has been part of several critical acclaimed short films such as “Layla”.

Finally, Kshanam is a must watch movie which would engage you throughout the movie without any disappointment. Don’t be surprised if this movie is being nominated in many awards category. It deserves

Go watch out in Theatres now !!

Rating: Exceeds Expectations

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