Scientific concepts that has been used and explained in Indian Telugu movies

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Scientific concepts that has been used and explained in Indian Telugu movies

10 May , 2015  

Most of us have been watching movies for the sake of entertainment . But, there are filmmakers in Telugu film industry who want to add some more on top of the regular movie scripts. They want audience to learn and understand few things about science and they have explained it so clearly in such a way that even an illiterate can grasp the meaning of it. Yes, you don’t want to be medical or scholar in science to understand these

Today SOUTHENTIC team has brought to you such scenarios in Telugu movies.

  1. Karthikeya – Hypnotherapy , Specular Reflection

After a debacle of Flops, Nikhil has bounced back with two straight hits (Swami RaRa,Karthikeya). In this movie Nikhil portrayed a role. In which he acted as a medical student, who is also an atheist(A  person who doesn’t have belief or faith in god) and believes that every question will definitely  has an answer in this world.

Nikhil has been studying in a Medical college where everyone has been worried to stay awake at  late night as some sort of ghost is residing at a particular block of a hostel and also makes it presence at a particular time. Nikhil with his Friend , wanted to chase the mystery and prove everyone wrong .They decided to do a string operation and successfully found out the reason behind it. Which is nothing but a SPECULAR REFELECTION (Reflection is when light bounces off an object. If the surface is smooth and shiny, like glass, water or polished metal, the light will reflect at the same angle as it hit the surface. This is called specular reflection.)



In the second half, A snake which is usually chases Nikhil and try to kill him. However Nikhil caught the snake alive and keeps in observation at Reptile research center.Where everyone will be shocked to know the Concept of “HYPNOTHERAPY” (–Any living object or element can be hyponotised).Watch the below scene Where Director has been explained the science behind it with clear example so that even a normal audience who don’t want to bang his head to understand why a snake try to kill only Nikhil but not rest.

Watch the below video where Director  tries to explain the above concept in easy way



2.Ghajini  (Tamil dubbing)–  Short Term Memory Loss

Sanjay Rama swamy is a multi dollar company owner. Who fell in love with kalpana an ad agency girl. Due to some circumstances kalpana and Sanjay both has been beaten up by goons badly and kalpana is stabbed to death and Sanjay had a severe hit on his head with a unknown iron Rod which damages his brain .What happens next to sanjay ramaswamy will leave you in shock .  he will be then suffering with SHORT TERM MEMORY loss . what is short Term Memory loss ? Watch the below link Where Director explains in a very simple and non-complex way




3.Maaya  –  Extra sensory perception

Neelakanta has been one director who has tried to do something different with each of his films. Irrespective of how they fared at the box-office, he is counted among the few directors in Telugu film industry who comes up with something different every time he decides to make a film.

Meghana born with a supernatural power that is ESP or extra sensory perception,where she can see the future thing a head of others .This lands her in to trouble when she saved a life of guard by knowing the future ahead .Also she dreamt of his friend being killed by his lover.  Watch the below video where doctor Jhansi explains what is the ESP and how far these things will be true ?





4.Aunana Kaadhuanna – potential  Energy

Teja is one of the directors in tollywood who came from no where. He even worked as a lorry cleaner in his intial days to sustain for daily living and he then went on to make movies and most of them had a physic concepts involuing in it.  Here is the scene where Udaykiran used potential Energy concept to bring down the Big rock in his fields and wins Sadas heart


  1. Rainbow – Color Blindness(acromo topsy)

Shyam is an artisit who loves painting with colors and deeply love sonal. One unfortunate day shyam had an accident while saving sonal and later he has been diagnosed with this rare disease Below is the video where director explain this complexed syndrome in a simple way

6.Villa – Negative Energy positive energy

Joseph used to live in a villa where he noticed that some unexceptional things happening .He and his friend contacts devasena who is also doing some researcher work on the Negative Energy concepts. Watch the below video where Director try to explain these Negative and positive energy and also shades of black magic . I bet you will see the whole movie after watching this scene such an interesting narration spell bound !!


(Watch it from 57:00 to 1:03:00 min)

  1. Aditya 369 – TimeMachine concept

We all heard about this concept one time or another but this particular movie has been relased in 1988 and director singitam sreenivas rao has explained it very clearly about the concept of Timemachine. Watch the below scene from the movie where the director try to explain the concept of Time machine.



8..Aparichithudu(Tamil dubbing) – Multi personality disorder

Tell me who haven’t watched this movie in telugu ? one of the most intresting film on the concept of Multiple personality disorder . Ramanajuam is a lawyer and who don’t tolerate any mistakes that are being commited by society . he then get hit by this disorder which indeed led him to change to Aparachit and also love towards sada turn him to REMO

Sorry we couldn’t find any video related to explain the Multi personality disorder in Aparchith. But we have Tamil video. Watch with subtitles to know more



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